Frosted Glass Splash Backs: How Is Frosted Glass Made And What Are The Customizing Options?

7 August 2018
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If you're having a new home built and you want something different for your kitchen, why not go for a frosted glass splash back? The customizing options are immense, and frosted glass, particularly when colored, produces an interesting, subtle impact that will create a totally unique kitchen. How Is Frosted Glass Made? You might be wondering how frosted glass is different to standard glass. Frosted glass begins life as standard glass, but it undergoes an additional process to create its typical textured, decorative, cloudy look. Read More 

3 Rich Materials That Will Create A Warm And Luxurious Look In Your New Kitchen

30 June 2018
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For several years now, neutral colour palettes and minimalist design have reigned supreme in kitchens. However, recent trends have seen a return to more colourful, rich and decadent materials being used in kitchens again. If you're planning a kitchen renovation project and you'd like to create a warm and luxurious look, then here are three stunning materials that you might like to consider. 1. Brushed metal Metallics are a massive trend at the moment, and they're featuring in almost every room of the home. Read More 

Reasons to Consider Grinding and Polishing Your Worn Concrete Flooring

25 May 2018
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Concrete may be a choice flooring supply because of its intrinsic stability and exceptional durability. Even so, concrete is bound to develop cosmetic damages that will make your flooring look decrepit after several years. When this happens, some homeowners may consider complete replacement to prevent their flooring from becoming a blight on their home's appeal. However, installation of new flooring can be costly as well as time-consuming.  A more convenient solution to consider is concrete grinding. Read More 

Property Development: Understanding the Significance of Cadastral Surveying

5 April 2018
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You should plan for a cadastral survey if you are interested in developing your property. In general, cadastral surveying is also known as property boundary survey. This land assessment process is conducted by a qualified surveyor for specific legal purposes. Typically, the goal is to accurately determine the boundaries for indisputable land ownership. Also, the information obtained through a survey can help in establishing the acceptable and legal usage of the land. Read More 

Are You Installing New Faucets in Your Bathroom? Here’s How to Make the Selection

22 March 2018
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Are you building a new house or renovating the current one and need new faucets for the bathroom? If so, you need to put proper consideration into the selection process. Taps are not just fixtures whose work is to dispense water for use. They can contribute to your bathroom aesthetics, affect water consumption in the home, and determine how much you will spend on repairs and replacements. That's why you need to go for quality fixtures that will last for decades, improve the curb appeal in your bathroom, and contribute to utility savings. Read More